About Me

Rudy's Life (2010--2011)

This is My Autobiography

Life is the best thing god given to us. This is life my happiness. It is life a bring knowledge. I am Rudy B. Corros, I am 15 years old. I currently lives in Governor Atila Balgos Avenue Brgy. Banica Roxas City. I'm celebrating my birthday during November 14, 1994. I am a Roman Catholic. I'm 2nd year high school. I'm a third child of my parents. I'm studying at Congressman Ramon A. Arnaldo High School. I have a 3 sister. I'm father's name Roberto B. Corros. And my Mother's name Erlinda B. Corros. Sometimes I'm course of college is a Computer Engineer someday. Because he was a good course for my life. And successful someday.

This is My Dream in Life

I want to have a good life someday. A life that is free from troubles, pains, sadness and problems. A life that every person dreamed of. A life where happiness is always present. Life is never easy. Our family is experiencing a lot sacrifices in order to live. My parents are sidewalk vendors and I also help selling and the rest of my siblings. After school I go directly to my station where I sell "kakanin". We sleep late at night preparing for the next morning. We wake up early in the morning to sell again and at 7:00 am. I go to school. I also work here in school. Some of the teachers are asking my help cleaning their office and classroom. Sometimes they give me a little amount of money but most of the time I just offer my service for free because I love my teachers and they also love me. They sometimes teach me with my lessons. Despite of the hardships that I face as a student. I still do not surrender. I will not stop believing that someday. I can reach my dream. I want finish my studies. I want to finish my high school and take up Computer Engineering in college. I want to take up this course because I want to abroad. In that may can help my family financially. I also want this course because I am fond of computer. Later when I already working outside the country, I can see my parents and my siblings and the rest of my relative than computer. I want to have a stable job so that I have something to be proud of to my own family someday. This is my dream It's very easy to dream. But I know it will entrails a lot of sacrifices before reaching our dreams. Right now, what I can do is to study well, help my parents and help my family to earn money. I know God is watching. I know in time, God will grant all my desires, I know my dreams will come true.

This is My On Remembering A Departed Loved One

Remembering a departed loved one is done during saints day. That day is the day for our loved one and family that have been dead. Last November 1 and 2, 2010. Me and my family goes to cemetery because my family want to visit my grandmother to place the divine mercy and another want to visit again my grandfather to place the Lourdes Memorial Park. And my family to pray the Holy Mary and all prayer's for our died. I'm never forget the everything that I learn in 3 sister was my family was alive and my family was everyday love.

This is My Most Unforgettable Experience

This is a moment where you learned something about one's experience. It might be good or quite bad for as long as you accept and learn from it. When I was 6 years old my mother brought me at the airport and she taught me how to sell native foods. Starting that I sell to gain extra income until now I am 17 years old. I met many people as well as foreigners. Then, someone approached me and asked me I was willing to be adopted by her. I refused because I was thinking of my family. What would happen to them if I would leave? I am the only one who helped my parents in our daily needs. Poverty is not a hindrance to success for as long as you are strong and determined you can surpass the challenges of life. Love to parents and family is much important of all.